Poster programme


P:01 Rapid fabrication of magnetic microstructures by laser direct writing (LDW)
Alaa Alasadi, University of Sheffield, UK


P:02 Effect of growth parameters on magnetostrictive amorphous thin films 
Qayes Aldulaim, University of Sheffield, UK


P:03 Effect of post annealing on the magnetic properties of FeN with RF-sputtered amorphous carbon thin films 
Shoug Alghamdi, University of Leeds, UK


P:04 Magnetic domains in Pt/CoFeB/Ir multilayers grown on piezoelectric substrates
Khulaif Alshammari, University of Leeds, UK


P:05 Improving the magnetic and dynamic properties of Yttrium Iron Garnet
Mohammed Alyami, University of Leeds, UK


P:06 Effect of growth conditions on the Soft Magnetostrictive properties of thin Fe-Co-Cr films
Saturi Baco, University of Sheffield, UK


P:07 On the use of electrostatic compensation of current carrying µ-coils for calibrated MFM
Craig Barton, National Physical Laboratory, UK


P:08 Investigation of sputtering conditions on the properties of Ta/CoFeB/MgO stacks 
Charlotte Bull, The University of Manchester, UK


P:09 Strain control of the magnetic properties of FeRh thin-film heterostructures for data storage applications 
Will Griggs, The University of Manchester, UK


P:10 Realization of ground state in artificial kagome spin ice via topological defect-driven magnetic writing
Jack Carter Gartside, Imperial College London, UK


P:11 Dynamic emergent behaviour of domain walls in interconnected nanoring arrays 
Richard Dawidek, University of Sheffield, UK


P:12 Angular dependant FMR of rotational symmetry broken artificial kagome spin ice
Troy Dion, University College London, UK


P:13 Perpendicular Anistropy in Co₂FeAl0.5Si0.5 for CPP-GMR devices 
William Frost, University of York, UK


P:14 Atomistic modelling of granular exchange bias systems 
Sarah Jenkins, University of York, UK


P:15 Collective excitations of magnetic bubble domains in an antidot lattice
Angus Laurenson, University of Exeter, UK


P:16 Asymmetric relaxation of magnetic frustration observed in freestanding B2-ordered FeRh thin films 
Jamie Massey, University of Leeds, UK


P:17 Fabrication and characterisation of a three-dimensional magnetic nanowire lattice
Andrew May, Cardiff University, UK


P:18 Magnetic and structural influences of layer inversion in Pt/Co₃₂Fe₃₂Ta₂₀B₁₆/Ir trilayers
Ben Nicholson, Durham University, UK


P:19 Krypton doped polar ZnO films by Ion implantation gives enormous magnetisation
Ahmad Saeedi, University of Sheffield, UK


P:20 Investigation of magnetic properties for both cobalt and europium implanted ZnO films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Ahmad Saeedi, University of Sheffield, UK


P:21 Implementation of VAMPIRE atomistic simulation on the synthetic ferrimagnet Ni₃Pt/Ir/Co 
Jade Scott, Queen's University Belfast, UK


P:22 Atomistic magnetic modelling of FeRh finite-size systems 
Mara Strungaru, University of York, UK


P:23 Magnetic imaging of phase domain development in laterally confined FeRh
Rowan Temple, University of Leeds, UK


P:24 Low temperature annealing of superconducting bismuth nickel bilayers 
Matthew Vaughan, University of Leeds, UK


P:25 Strain mediated voltage control of layer switching order in synthetic antiferromagnets
Alexander Welbourne, University of Cambridge, UK


P:26 Magnetism in uranium thin films
Ming-Hung Wu, University of Bristol, UK


P:27 Preparation of Ca:YIG thin films by PLD
Aliaa M Zaki, University of Sheffield, UK


P:28 Spin-wave dynamics of honeycomb artificial spin ice in different microstates 
Daan Arroo, Imperial College London, UK


P:29 Characterisation of iron-rich cobalt-iron-boron thin films using ferromagnetic resonance 
Geet Awana, Loughborough University, UK


P:30 X-Ray detected ferromagnetic resonance (XFMR)
David Burn, Diamond Light Source, UK


P:31 Selective excitation of localised spin wave modes by optically pumped surface acoustic waves
T J Hayward, University of Sheffield, UK


P:32 Time-resolved x-ray detected ferromagnetic resonance measurements in a CoFe/NiO/Fe/NiFe multilayer structure
Takafumi Nakano, University of Exeter, UK


P:33 Influence of interfacial structure and heavy metal thickness on spin mixing conductance for the enhancement of damping 
Charles Swindells, Durham University, UK


P:34 Ferromagnetic resonant modes of synthetic antiferromagnetic structures
Harry Waring, The University of Manchester, UK


P:35 Theory of linear spin wave emission from a Bloch domain wall 
Natalie Whitehead, University of Exeter, UK


P:36 Magnonic studies of ferromagnetic nanostructures l
Guru Venkat, Loughborough University, UK


P:37 Strain manipulation of the magnetoresistance in nickel and permalloy thin films 
Mohammed Al-Qayoudhi, University of Nottingham, UK


P:38 Time resolved imaging of coupled nano-contact spin transfer vortex oscillators 
Erick Burgos Parra, University of Exeter, UK


P:39 In-Situ PNR of the spin seebeck effect
Andrew Caruana, STFC, UK


P:40 Dynamic modelling of spin accumulation 
Luke Elliott, University of York, UK


P:41 Manipulating the spin-dependent transport – thin films and β-Tungsten 
Martin Gradhand, University of Bristol, UK


P:42 Simulation study of ballistic spin-MOSFET devices with ferromagnetic channels based on Heusler and oxide compounds 
Patrizio Graziosi, CNR-ISMN, Italy


P:43 Exploration of new L1₀-ordered materials for their spintronic applications
Philip Thompson, The University of Manchester, UK


P:44 Finite size effects in antiferromagnetic materials 
Sarah Jenkins, University of York, UK


P:45 Magneto-optical detection of spin accumulation under influence of mechanical rotation 
Jun-young Kim, University of York, UK


P:46 Proximity induced magnetization in Co₂FeAl ultrathin films: effects of the annealing temperature and the heavy metal material 
Ariam Mora-Hernández, Durham University, UK


P:47 Towards a standard spin seebeck measurement
Kelly Morrison, Loughborough University, UK


P:48 Investigating the role of Ga-substitution in Fe1-xGax (Galfenol)  thin films 
Syamashree Roy, University of Nottingham, UK


P:49 Theory of power combining of spin-torque nanooscillators
Ansar Safin, National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", Russia


P:50 Current-induced domain-wall motion in pinned magnetic wires 
Marjan Samiepour, University of York, UK


P:51 Current biased splitting in the Peltier signal observed using lateral spin valves 
Georgios Stefanou, University of Leeds, UK


P:52 XMCD studies of heavy-metal/ferromagnet heterostructures 
Laura Stuffins, Loughborough University, UK


P:53 Paramagnetic spin Hall magnetoresistance
Amy Westerman, University of Leeds, UK


P:54 Multilayers for Skyrmion-based devices 
Yuzhe Zang, The University of Manchester, UK


P:55 Muon measurements of magnetism in the frustrated spin-chain compound Sr₃NiIrO₆ 
Joel Barker, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland


P:56 Towards control of uniaxial anisotropy in S = 1 magnetic systems 
Sam Curley, University of Warwick, UK


P:57 Intermediate magnetic phase of charge-stripe ordered La₂NiO₄.₁₁ and the trigger for static magnetic ordering
Paul Freeman, University of Central Lancashire, UK


P:58 Magnetic properties of Sr3−xYx(Fe₁.₂₅Ni0.75)O7−δ: a combined experimental and theoretical investigation 
Samara Keshavarz, Uppsala University, Sweden


P:59 Theory of L-edge spectroscopy of strongly correlated systems 
Johan Schött, Uppsala University, Sweden


P:60 Local field districution and orbital ordering in a multiferroic perovskite metal-organic framework
Zhengqiang Yang, Queen Mary University of London, UK


P:61 Emergent propagation modes of ferromagnetic swimmers in constrained geometries 
Matthew Bryan, University of Exeter, UK


P:62 Demagnetising factors of rectangular prisms packed with magnetic nanoparticles
Steven McCann, University of Central Lancashire, UK


P:63 The role of faceting and shape on the effective magnetic anisotropy of magnetite nanocrystals 
Roberto Moreno Ortega, University of York, UK


P:64 Multiwavelength magneto-optical characterization of magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia
Rémy Soucaille, Exeter University, UK


P:65 Dynamic simulation of a two-dimensional skyrmion lattice
Yu Li, The University of Manchester, UK


P:66 Magnetic nanowires of curved cross-section: A Micro-magnetic study
Arjen van den Berg, Cardiff University, UK


P:67 Implementing superconductivity into a green’s function (KKR) method to explore the interactions between superconductivity and magnetism 
Tom Saunderson, University of Bristol, UK


P:68 First-principles study of magnetisation of ZnO/Co and ZnCoO/Co systems
Fatma Gerriu, University of Sheffield, UK


P:69 Magnetic hyperthermia: Easy axis alignment of magnetic nanoparticles driven by Brownian rotation
Samuel Rannala, University of York, UK


P:70 3D FDTD-LLG modelling of magnetisation dynamics in thin film ferromagnetic structures
Feodor Ogrin, University of Exeter, UK


P:71 Mode analysis of the tree-like bio-inspired networks of vortex-based spintronic nanooscillators 
Olga Katkova, National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", Russia


P:72 FP-LAPW calculations : Electronic and magnetic properties of Pr2Fe17 intermetallic compound 
Karim Bakkari, Université de Tunis El Manar, Tunisia


P:73 3D-Printing polymer-based permanent magnets 
Roger Domingo-Roca, University of Strathclyde, UK


P:74 The Structural and magnetic properties of GdCo5-xNix 
Amy Tedstone, University of Warwick, UK


P:75 Atomistic calculations of magnetic properties of Sm(1-x)ZrxFe₁₂ 
Samuel Westmoreland, University of York, UK


P:76 Magnetic exchange disorder in low-dimensional quantum magnets
William Blackmore, University of Warwick, UK


P:77 Scanning probe microscopy at magnetic fields up to 34 T
Benjamin Bryant, Radboud University, The Netherlands


P:78 Magnetic properties of Bis-Lanthanoates
Kane Esien, Queen's University Belfast, UK


P:79 Ferromagnetic swimmers:  Fabrication, controlled swimming, and applications
Joshua Hamilton, University of Exeter, UK


P:80 Dynamics of the flux line lattice in high purity niobium studied with stroboscopic neutron scattering
Camilla Buhl Larsen, University of Birmingham, UK


P:81 Probing proximity induced triplet states with point contact Andreev spectroscopy
Andy Moskalenko, Imperial College London, UK


P:82 Propagating spiral spin waves in magnetic nanostructures
David Osuna Ruiz, University of Exeter, UK


P:83 Remote magnetic monitoring of swelling in intermediate level waste canisters
Patrick Pan, University of Sheffield, UK


P:84 Magneto-optical imaging of dendritic flux avalanches in a superconducting MgB₂ tape
Thomas Qureishy, University of Oslo, Norway


P:85 Paramagnetic Meissner effect in metal-molecule hybrid systems
Matthew Rodgers, University of Leeds, UK


P:86 Investigation of magnetostriction in permalloy thin films using lorentz electron microscopy
Alison Cowan, University of Glasgow, UK


P:87 Interface effects on coercivity and training in exchange bias systems
Joseph Gompertz, University of York, UK

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline:
    2 February 2018
  • Early registration deadline:
    23 March 2018
  • Registration deadline:
    3 April 2018