Monday 9 April

Parallel Sessions

09:00 Registration and refreshments
Renold C8

Thin Films and Nanomagnets I

Renold C2
Chair: Stuart Cavill, University of York, UK


Spintronics I

Renold C9
Chair: Liam O’Brien, University of Liverpool, UK


Electrical transport signature of skyrmions in Pt/Co/Ir multilayer discs
K Zeissler, University of Leeds, UK

  (Distinguished Lecture) Spin conversion phenomena in spintronics
Y Otani, Univierty of Tokyo, Japan  

Exploring interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction for in-plane thin film permalloy nanostructures using micromagnetic simulations and Lorentz microscopy
K Fallon, University of Glasgow, UK


Investigation of DMI Value for Chiral Domain Walls in Pt/Co/Ir/Ta Multilayers
K Shahbazi, University of Leeds, UK


Magnetism you can rely on: A materials-science based solution to stochastic domain wall pinning in magnetic nanowire devices
T Broomhall, University of Sheffield, UK

  Spin injection and detection via the anomalous spin hall effect of a ferromagnetic metal
I Vera Marun, University of Manchester, UK

Topological magnetic writing: Defining specific magnetization states in nanostructures
W Branford, Imperial College London, UK

  Spin pumping and spin transport in NbN/YIG structures
K Rogdakis, University College London, UK

Exhibition and refreshments
Renold C15


Special Session: MMM – Magnificent Macro Magnets

Renold C2
Chair: Thomas Moore, University of Leeds, UK


Biomagnetism and Nanoparticles

Renold C9
Chair: Matt Bryan, University of Exeter, UK


(Distinguished Lecture) Structural magnetostrictive alloys: From flexible sensors to energy harvesters and magnetically controlled auxetics
A Flatau, University of Maryland, USA


(Invited) Novel magnetic nanoparticles beyond the bulk limits
S Yang, University of Leicester, UK


High frequency modes in ferromagnetic shells for microwave applications
C McKeever, University of Exeter, UK

12:30 (Invited) Reducing the criticality of rare earth elements for permanent magnets
A Walton, University of Birmingham, UK

Atomistic spin dynamics and finite size effects of magnetite nanocrystals
D Meilak, University of York, UK




Development of novel magnetic-elastic membranes for microfluidic applications 
E Martin, University of Exeter, UK


Exhibition and lunch
Renold C15


IEEE UK Magnetism Group AGM
Renold C2


Thin Films and Nanomagnets II

Renold C2
Chair: Katharina Zeissler, University of Leeds, UK


Theoretical and Computational Magnetism I

Renold C9
Chair: Julie Staunton, University of Warwick, UK


Giant piezomagnetism in manganese antiperovskite nitrides
L Cohen, Imperial College London, UK

  (Invited) Merging the time and length scales in ultrafast spin dynamics
T Ostler, Sheffield Hallam University, UK   

Texture-Induced anisotropy in the magneto-electric coupling response of multiferroic composites
T Mercer, University of Central Lancashire, UK


Magnetic domain texture and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in systems with perpendicular exchange bias
R Khan, University of Leeds, UK

  The temperature dependence of magnetic anisotropy in ferrimagnets from first principles
C Patrick, University of Warwick, UK

Temperature dependence magnetic proximity effect in Pt/CoFeTaB/Pt trilayer
O-O Inyang, Durham University, UK

  Temperature dependent domain wall width in ferrimagnets
R Moreno Ortega, University of York, UK

Temperature dependent magnetotransport in epitaxial RuO2 films
E Sharma, Imperial College London, UK

  Temperature dependence of magnetostriction: An ab initio theory
G Marchant, University of Warwick, UK

The thickness limit for sputter deposited ultra-thin Fe/Ni multilayers on epitaxial Cu/Si(001)
A Frisk, Uppsala University, Sweden

  Comparing experimental and computational results for spin excitations 
M Lueders, STFC, UK

Poster Session and Bierstube
Renold C15


Chair: Tom Thomson, The University of Manchester, UK


(Plenary) Topology and spin-orbit coupling in low dimensions lead to novel directions in spintronics
A Fert,  University of Paris-Sud, France
Renold C2




Conference Banquet
The Midland Hotel


After dinner talk: Spin-out, license or collaborate: the knowledge transfer dilemma
Brian Tanner, Durham University, UK 

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    2 February 2018
  • Early registration deadline:
    23 March 2018
  • Registration deadline:
    3 April 2018