Tuesday 10 April

Parallel Sessions


Renold C8


Chair: Nicola Morley, University of Sheffield, UK


(Wohlfarth Lecture) ATOMs - Atomistic to Micromagnetic modelling: from permanent magnets to magnetic hybrid materials
G Hrkac, University of Exeter, UK
Renold C2


Exhibition and refreshments
Renold C15


High Frequency Spin Dynamics

Renold C2
Chair: Tim Moorsom, University of Leeds, UK


Theoretical and Computational Magnetism II

Renold C9
Chair: Martin Lueders, STFC, UK


Picosecond reorientation of in-plane magnetisation within a nano-element by spin orbit torque
P Keatley, University of Exeter, UK

  (Invited) Interplay of magnetism and microstructure in functional Heusler alloys: A first principles perspective
M Gruner, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany  

Femtosecond spin dynamics in molecular magnets
O Johansson, University of Edinburgh, UK


Magnon transport in multilayer magnetic system
S Ruta, University of York, UK


Temperature effects and inverse caloric responses in Mn-Antiperovskite carbide Mn3GaC: Ab-initio theory
E Mendive Tapia, University of Warwick, UK


(Distinguished Lecture) Magnetic phase interference in artificial magnetic lattices: Functions and
applications to optical, high-frequency, and spin wave devices
M Inoue, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan


Non-uniform spin transfer torque switching dynamics in CoFeB/MgO magnetic tunnel junctions
A Meo, University of York, UK




Investigation into the origin of the athermal training effects in exchange bias multilayers 
S Jenkins, University of York, UK



Effect of aggregation on the radio-frequency heating of ferromagnetic manganite nanoparticles
J Cook, Queen's University Belfast, UK


Chair: Robert Hicken, University of Exeter, UK


EPSRC Presentation
Renold C2


Poster Awards and IOP Group AGM
Renold C2


Lunch and Poster/Company Exhibitions
Renold C15


Correlated Electrons

Renold C2
Chair: Nina-Juliane Steinke, STFC, UK


Spintronics II

Renold C9
Chair: Ivan Vera Marun, The University of Manchester, UK


(Invited) Hunting majorana fermions in quantum spin-liquids
J Knolle, Imperial College London, UK


Towards pure spin currents for oxide spintronic devices
C Cox, Loughborough University, UK


Magnetic oxides for spin injection: recent outcomes from the molecular spintronics
P Graziosi, CNR-ISMN, Italy


Multi-site exchange enhanced barocaloric response in Mn₃NiN
D Boldrin, Imperial College London, UK

  Multifunctional spintronic device based on spin dependent charge trapping
T Moorsom, University of Leeds, UK
14:45 Complex modulated magnetism in PrPtAl
D Wermeille, XMaS - ESRF, UK

Spintronics in high-quality graphene heterostructures via 1D contacts
V Guarochico-Moreira, The University of Manchester, UK

15:00 Decomposing the Bragg glass and the peak effect in a Type-II superconductor
C Bl Larsen, University of Birmingham, UK

Electrical and optical characterisation of Fe/n-GaAs non-local spin valve
J-Y Kim, University of York, UK


Renold C15


Thin Films and Nanomagnets III

Renold C2
Chair: Shahid Hussain, Qinetiq, UK


Other Topics in Magnetism

Renold C9
Chair: Alan Walton, University of Birmingham, UK


(Invited) Mapping three dimensional spin structures with X-ray magnetic tomography
C Donnelly, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Element-specific magnetic imaging with 20 nm spatial resolution using table-top high-harmonic source
S Zayko, Georg-August University, Germany   




Chemical and structural analysis on magnetic tunnel junctions using a decelerated scanning electron beam
E Jackson, University of York, UK


Two-photon lithography for 3D magnetic nanostructure fabrication
M Hunt, Cardiff University, UK


Superconducting spintronics – active role of spin-orbit coupling and dynamics of triplet Josephson junctions
N Banerjee, Loughborough University, UK


Spatial mapping of torques within a spin hall nano-oscillator
T Spicer, University of Exeter, UK


The development of the hydrogen ductilisation process (HyDP) for NdFeB-type alloys
O Brooks, University of Birmingham, UK


Macro-ferromagnetism in a novel artificial spin ice
G Macauley, University of Glasgow, UK


Recycling of SmCo₅ magnets by HD process
A Eldosouky, Magneti, d.d., Slovenia


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    2 February 2018
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    23 March 2018
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    3 April 2018